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Tony Broadbent was born in Windsor, England.

He graduated from one of London's most highly acclaimed art & design schools.

He worked as a copywriter and creative director at advertising agencies in London, New York, and San Francisco, before opening his own agency.

He's now a consulting brand strategist with Brand-Advocates in North Carolina.

Tony is married and lives in Davidson, North Carolina.

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What's the inspiration for Jethro, your suave cat-burgling protagonist? "The next Jethro creeping narrative is called Shadows In The Smoke. It touches upon 'the politics' of the London underworld and police corruption at the very highest levels..." Read more...

Why did Tony choose to set his novel in London in the late nineteen forties? "I knew and loved London. I was born into those austerity-ridden times, not that I knew it. But as I've come to realize over the years, it had an enormous impact on who and what I am and the way that I see the world." Read more...

Is reading these books a big cultural leap for American readers? "Not especially. The past is another country to all of us. And there is a glossary of slang terms at the front of the book. My editor was at first a little concerned that the language might put people off; but it's a feature that has been very favorably received. Language is key to time and place..." Read more...

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Tony Broadbent

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Tony Broadbent

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Tony Broadbent